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It So Happened With Them

A lot of couple who have married quite late in life end up visiting the family physician complaining that they are having problems with family planning. A detailed questioning often reveals different sets of problems and interesting facts. Often the site of the couple walking in to the doctor's cabin and their body language makes for interesting observation. One can see the woman in her early forties, smart and savvy, well placed career woman who knows her mind and is confident. But when visiting the doctor with her spouse, she appears frustrated, angry and impatient but still very aggressive, vivacious, go-getter attitude and likes to call the shots. Her husband sits next to her, looking rather meek, tired and weary. He seems to be emotionally drained, frustrated and lethargic to a certain extent. He is restless and unable to sit comfortably for too long, sweats often and a hand shake reveals that his hands are sweaty and fleshy. There seems to be a lack of enthusiasm and strength in him and though he tries to look interested, it is obvious that he is making all attempts to keep up with the pace but is falling behind in the race.

If this couple had not chosen to walk into the doctor's clinic, they definitely would have been heading to the family court for separation. The reason is very simple, both of them are eager to have babies and the biological clock ticking is adding to the pressure. Whereas the man unfortunately seems to be going through what is called as Mid Life Crisis or Male menopause. Simply a case of bad timing. The man is suffering physically, mentally and emotionally, but since both of them do not know what is happening, they are unable to understand the gravity of the situation and it is creating a rift in their relationship. Their frustration is showing and telling on their face.

The doctor is very quick to understand and get a grip on what is happening. He then explains to both of them about Andropause and details the symptoms as well as effects. This explains the reason why the man is looking tired and lethargic. With the onset of Andropause, the production of the sex hormone in men called as Testosterone starts reducing and results in loss of libido, desire to have sex besides emotional outbursts, mood swings, hot flushes and tiredness etc. Most of the symptoms are similar to the ones faced by menopausal women.

The couple takes a while to understand and apply this knowledge to their own selves. Once having understood, the woman's frustration soon converts to caring and concern for her spouse. However question that is in their mind is still unanswered. Will they be able to have babies? They take a little while, exchange glances and then the man does put this question across to the doctor quite hesitatingly.

Doctor's response is quite reassuring and the couple is relieved to know that there is treatment available and that their sexual health will improve and they can have babies. Doctor explains the intricacy of the condition and the problem confronting the man in this case. The man is going through menopause and as a result he lacks the sexual drive or desire that is required. Besides he is also suffering from a physical condition known as erectile dysfunction caused due to loss of blood supply to his penis thereby inhibiting him from achieving sustainable erection required for intercourse.

The doctor quickly checks on the medical history of the man and runs a few diagnostic tests on him. He further treats the patient with Testosterone replacement therapy coupled with daily dosage of Viagra. After starting the treatment, to everyone's surprise the couples takes off and head for a romantic holiday onboard a cruise. And after three months long holiday they return to the doctor's clinic to announce that the wife is pregnant with twins. This calls for double celebration. The man too is looking very energetic, bright and in control.

Viagra seems to have done the trick, for when the tablet is consumed daily, the effect lasts for over four to six hours. With Testosterone replacement Therapy his sexual desire and drive would have improved while Viagra would have cured his erectile dysfunction problem.

The couple is ecstatic and keeps thanking the doctor over and over again. The doctor of course accepts quite heartily for he knows that Viagra the wonder pill worked the trick.