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Life is Like That

Today's generation think that they are very intelligent and know everything. Yes they all know more about technology and the works. However when it comes to wisdom and experience they have got to admit that it comes only with age. In matters of life they would need to necessarily listen to their elders and there is no short cut to life's experience.

In case of choosing one's vocation, career and education, it is quite possible that the young adults know what they want and are in a position to choose their options by themselves if they have had sufficient exposure and are mature enough. In most cases if they are quite mature, they are likely to be serious and responsible and hence are likely to know where their interest lies and which field they can excel in.

Coming from a stable home and a regular life does have its impact on these individuals and is largely responsible for their value system and thinking. In case of boys, they tend to be physically very active and are good at making lots of friends. In many cases boys tend to grow up with a healthy and normal attraction towards girls which is but natural. There is always awkwardness to discussing the issues regarding one’s love life and sex life with parents. Parents too are often shy to speak to their children openly about sex and teach them the facts of life. With the result most often children grow up to be adults with half baked knowledge about relationships and sex.

While most schools do have sex education and teach children the importance of safe sex and healthy habits, there is a need for children to understand and integrate the concepts of sex, love and relationship together to be able to lead a happy life. This integration has to be made possible and explained by parents.

Young adults when they are on the verge of settling down with their partners would need to be coached regarding relationships and what goes into maintaining a true permanent partnership. They need to be told on what can help them keep their love and romance permanent. They need to understand the difference between sex and love and this is very important.

The quality and the graph of the sexual life of the couple will vary from time to time through their life. They are likely to face problems in their physical life at one point of time or the other in their life. However this should not be allowed to kill their love and destroy their relationship. It is quite true that dissatisfaction of a physical relationship can spill into the relationship and take its toll in the long run.

With girls there can be emotional as well as gynecological problems that need to be checked and treated as required. In men too physical problems can inhibit their sexual performance. Quite often men suffer from a condition called premature ejaculation. This can be corrected with the help of counseling and medication. If the man were to be suffering from inability to achieve erection and suffers from erectile dysfunction, he would need to be supported with proper medication like Viagra which can be prescribed only by a competent medical authority after proper diagnosis. Viagra acts as a PDE5 inhibitor and helps increase the blood flow to the penis thereby help correct the erectile dysfunction. Viagra helps cure this problem in men.

Though tech savvy and forward, it is quite likely and common that a young professional who is just married suffers from erectile dysfunction but does not know that he has a problem and that it is going to affect his relationship with his wife. This is where sex education and counseling from elders helps ease out the situation and put their life back on the rails.