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Love A Many Splendored Thing

Nature is very fragile, so is human life. Somehow we seem to take life for granted. Everybody believes that he is has a tomorrow, without realising that even being in the pink of health one can be dead any minute. Every now and then we get to read about heroic stories of children, having lost both the parents to AIDS in South Africa, making an effort to break out of their miserable conditions and pursue education and a better future for themselves. Thanks to the generous heart of Americans, many children have been able to find homes, family as well as good education.

When we think of such kindness coming from the normal people who are touched by the pain suffered by someone so far away, we are made aware of the fact that we are all bound by one common threat which is love. It is the feeling of Love that has built the bridges and the connections across lands. Love touches all hearts. We might believe that the human society is moving towards a advanced, high tech age where everybody is independent and busy managing their lives with no time for such emotions, we are wrong, for time and again our hearts recognise feelings and we become aware of human angle to our life.

When we talk of this emotion called love, you may be surprised that there are many shades to it. Normally it is largely understood to be referring to carnal desires or conjugal love. This is but only one small fragment of the fabric called love. Love is something universal. Love is what Jesus wanted all to see. The spiritual leaders from time to time have tried to awaken the love amongst people in society. This is the unseen but often felt fabric which holds the nature together. In fact the human existence is possible only due to love. Love for one another, from the parents to the children, the love of life that we all feel the love of food, love for seeing things beautiful, of listening to divine music etc. The shades and colours of love are so many and varied that you begin to see that nature itself is love. It is the pull of love be it in the form of self expression, basic instinct for living as well as the biological drive to ensure the continuity in the form of progeny.

If you sit down and think about this, you will also find that the animal kingdom too exhibits love for offspring as well as love for the heard. The existence and wellbeing as well as propagation of the species is possible due to the love that one animal has for another expressed in different forms.

We are normally aware of the conjugal love between a couple, the concept of love for the beloved which can also mean God or Christ as the beloved and the love of a mother for her child. While the love for the beloved as in Devine love and the mother’s love it is all about giving, the love between a couple takes a different form of giving as well as taking.

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Celebrate life and Celebrate Love. Love is what holds the cosmos together. Just imagine what would happen to us if nature and god did not love us.